My Passion

To inspire young People for God and so build the church of the future.


The generations of children, teenagers and young adults have changed. We as Church face the challenge of bringing these young people closer to the Gospel and its saving message. How can this work? There are methods and solutions that have been developed by children, teenagers and young adults and have been successfully implemented for many years. And there are ways of attracting people as employees and motivating them to join in such work. It is possible to build the church of the future!

7 Mistakes in Children’s ministry

It's not about me! Rick Warren wrote this sentence in his book "40 Days of Purpose" on the first page: It's not about me!" When I read this in 2002 (it was the first round of the 40 days - Purpose Driven Life in the US churches), it fell like a shed from my eyes. It's...

Discover your potential

As children, we all wanted to be a princess, astronauts, racing car drivers or rock stars. We had big dreams, wanted to change the world, become famous and marry the prince. And then we went to school. At the very beginning, we thought that now when we were learning...

Top 10 christian movies

There are very many, very good Christian movies and christian films, but we often don't think of them so spontaneously. So here is a list of the best Christian movies.   1.        God's Not Dead After he refuses to disavow his faith, a devout Christian student...

Church of the future