There are thousands of questions you can ask your partner, but they don’t always come to mind…so here are 100 questions to ask your partner; you’ll see some in this blog post, and find the rest of the questions for free in the Lifelong Relationship app, which is also free.


Life Dreams

What is your greatest wish for the future?
What would you do if time and money were no object?
What’s stopping you from achieving your dream?

Our partnership

What do you want from a relationship?
What can you not imagine?
What is extremely important to you?


What was the funniest experience of your childhood?
What was difficult for you as a child?
What did you want to be when you were a child?
Who am I?
Imagine you were an animal, which animal would you most like to be?
What animal would you describe your partner as?


How do you feel about loyalty and honesty?
Which values are especially important to you?
What do freedom and independence mean to you?

My everyday life

What did you experience today?
What was the disaster of the week?
What was the best thing you experienced this week?

Future plans

What is your biggest wish for the next year?
What would you do if you knew it would work?
How can we make this work?

Family History

What is your relationship with your parents?
What relationship do you have with your siblings?
Have grandmas and grandpas played a role in your life?


Tell each other a secret you have never told anyone.
Who are the people who know the most about you?
Do you find it easy to keep secrets?


Who would you consider your best friends?
Have friends ever let you down?
What do you think about the statement: friends come and go?

Role models and ideals

What people do you admire?
What is special about them?
Do you have any concrete role models in your life? 100 questions for your partner

Expanding my skills

What have you always wanted to learn?
Why have you never done it?
Could we do this together?


How do you feel right now – really?
What’s stressing you out right now?
How could I support you better?

Countries and cultures

Which countries would you like to visit?
Should we make a plan? 100 questions for your partner

My faith

What words would you use to describe God?
On a scale of 1 (little) to 10 (strong), how important is faith to you?
Have you ever had a very special experience with God?