Stars and Jesus: Soccer coach Marco Rose
There are always statements from stars who confess Jesus. In every area of show business there are Christians who dare to stand publicly by their faith in Jesus. Such statements are an encouragement. They help us to understand that we are not alone. They are also an incentive not to hide yourself.

The soccer coach of the Bundesliga club Mönchengladbach is one of these stars. Mönchengladbach has played the best first round in years and Marco Rose is largely responsible for this.
Marco Rose was born in the former GDR, in 1976 in Leipzig. This is also where his professional soccer career began. Later he played for Hannover 96 and in 2004 he advanced to the Bundesliga with Mainz 05. He has been a trainer since 2010, first in Mainz, then in Leipzig and Salzburg and since 2019 he has been in Mönchengladbach.

In the GDR faith never played a role, and so Marco Rose grew up atheistically. He himself once told in an interview how God kept knocking on his door, but he never really reacted. For example, when he had a serious injury, he was given a football Bible as a gift, but after he recovered, he forgot about God again. During his time in Mainz he played under the famous christian coach Jürgen Klopp and he finally decided for Jesus.

Marco Rose apparently has no problem at all in speaking publicly about his faith. Now before Christmas he told the press that the faith in Jesus would give him strength. When he prays, he does not imagine an old man with a beard, he talks to Jesus personally.
Here is a quote from a newspaper interview:
“Basically, I am fascinated by the strength that Jesus radiates and how much he has taken on for us in his life. The power that Jesus himself radiated at his crucifixion, and his strength to forgive, that is something great for me and I believe in it. (source:
When such a celebrity speaks publicly about Jesus, he takes a big risk. He could be exposed in public, lose his reputation for revealing such things. But obviously he trusts God so much that he is not afraid of it. And what is Marco Rose today, the soccer coach of the best team in the first half of the German Bundesliga.

We should also trust in God and tell the people about our faith. The more people do this, the sooner we can change the world!
By the way, he even has a Christian tattoo on his arm. The praying hands of Dürrenmatt together with a cross.