Various factors are necessary for the growth of a plant: Water, light, carbon dioxide and oxygen, nutrients and a certain air temperature. You can’t just leave out the water and expect that enough light will balance things out. All the participants are necessary.

It’s the same in our lives: there are some basic factors in a person’s life that are necessary to keep from burning out. Or to speak with the plant: without breaking down. Getting and keeping these areas of your life in order is important for yourself and your relationship with your partner, because ultimately it makes you a balanced and satisfied person.

A satisfying job

Schedule your appointments so that you are on time and you don’t have to rush from one appointment to another. Your yes should be a yes and your no should be a no. Be on time.

Is your work fulfilling? Or has it been bugging you for years? Then write in your calendar 2 days of retreat on the topic: how to continue professionally, what opportunities do I have.

During the work week, you spend more than half of your waking hours working. If your work doesn’t fulfill you, then you’re throwing away half of your life. Of course, work is not always enjoyable, but you should do your work with joy and passion. Otherwise, it will suck you dry.


Recreation Time

Do you schedule recovery time? Do you schedule recovery times with your partner? Often we think recovery always comes when there is nothing on the calendar. But this is a misconception. When there’s nothing on the calendar, your unmowed lawn is screaming at you, or the mess in your home, or the messages on your phone.

The brain’s resting state when relaxing/doing nothing serves to manage and process thoughts. And at the same time, it creates new creative thoughts: for example, Archimedes is said to have realized in the bathtub that the density of a body can be determined from the amount of water displaced. And a few years ago, the inventor of Post-it glue had his aha moment while singing in the church choir.

Digressive thoughts are part of the creative process in our brains. Artists, researchers and innovators come up with innovative solutions only when they let go of the problem. This is called flip-flop thinking.

Schedule times in your timer that are good for you. If you like to weed, do that. If you like to go out for coffee, do that, if you like to watch a soccer game on TV, watch one. And if you like sailing, flying, walking …, then do that!

The important thing is that you find something to refuel with.



Sport is not only healthy, but it also helps to increase our performance. Why not do sports together with your partner. It doesn’t have to be a marathon. You can go for a walk or a jog. Maybe you both like swimming or biking or horseback riding or hiking.


Don’t let your circumstances rule you. Take the reigns on your calendar, go over it with your partner, and decide anew to spend time together! To learn even more about this and other exciting topics, download the free Lifelongapp today.