Looking for topics you’d like to talk about with your partner? You want to learn more about each other? Here are some exciting questions to ask your partner.



Which values are particularly important to you personally?

As a couple, which values should we both make the basis of our relationship?

Could we consider “family values” as a family?



Who could we invite over for dinner sometime?

Which couple could serve as a role model for us?

Could we meet with this couple on a regular basis?

Who am I?

What do you feel embarrassed about?

How do you handle it when something embarrassing happens to you?

How do you want your partner to handle it?



How would you describe your attitude towards money?

How important is it to you to have financial security?

What things would you be willing to spend a lot of money on?



What are your best memories from your childhood?

What was your family life like?

Did you travel a lot?



What is the most important thing you learned in the last year?

What does it change for your future?


Life plans

How do you envision your life?

What are the 3 most important things in your life?

What is your greatest wish for the future? Questions for your partner


Role models

What do you think about the distribution of roles between men and women?

Are men and women equal?

How could we deal with different opinions?


Family history

Did you often have to help at home as a child?

What did you do on Sundays?

How would you describe the atmosphere at your home?


Future plans

Would you like to get married someday?

How do you imagine life as a married couple?

Would you like to have children?



What do you think about the sentence: Secrets spice up a partnership?

What dreams and plans do we have together? Questions for your partner

What is your greatest hope for the future?



What do you think about pets?

Would you like to have any?

What does it take?


Dream Job

Do you work in your dream job?

If yes, explain.

If no, what could you do to work in your dream job in the future?



What is your relationship with your in-laws?

Would you like to live near them or would you prefer to live farther away?

Do you like to celebrate birthdays and other festivities with the whole family?