Many worship services are in the morning and many worship leaders have to get up before 6 a.m. on Sundays and the body says it is too early. Especially when there was a service on Saturday evening and it went on until late in the evening. Here are the top tips what you can do if you have to praise and are tired

  1. coffee. The most drunk drink in the world is coffee and it works. But also drink enough water, otherwise the coffee will backfire. Coffee and sugar isn’t good for your voice.
  2.  meal. Feed your body, or you’ll find it harder to get started.
  3. environment. Surround yourself with people who have energy. The biggest mistake is sitting alone on the couch in the backstage or lobby. Go to the people who are already top on Sunday mornings at 7 o’clock.
  4. God works in sleep. You shouldn’t fall asleep on stage now, but God works most when you can’t physically anymore, when you’re completely exhausted, then He starts to speak and work through you.
  5. Smile. The body emits happiness hormones when you smile and this automatically makes you more motivated and fitter. If you feel completely unable to smile, then bite on a pencil, you trick your body.
  6.  voice. In the morning the voice is always very cold and one reaches few tones. So sing up, warm up your voices. Alternate your solos, especially if you have several services, make sure that not always the same one is singing.
  7. fitness. Keep fit, go enough jogging and eat healthy.