There are countless services every Sunday that people can attend. But a modern church service, that is unfortunately very rare. Here are a few points that make up a Modern Worship Service 2019.

A modern church service needs up-to-date music, a schedule, a visitor-oriented sermon, a beautiful location and good child labour.


1. music

Everyone loves listening to music, every child, every teenager and almost every adult loves listening to beautiful music. But how often do you turn on classic radio? Sometimes I find it really nice and relaxed, and I always feel like a king from a Disney movie when I drive through the streets with violin music. But seriously. Many traditional Christians think that classical (also organ, string, akapella) music in a church service is the right thing. Although these people, probably at home, also hear the charts up and down. So a modern service needs modern music, here are some examples.


2. Procedure

The course of a divine service is often very different, the Catholic divine services have many small components that have to be adhered to exactly at their given time. Free churches (and others) often do the opposite, firstly thinking far too little about a service and secondly always differently. It is important to find the exact center of these two churches. It is absolutely necessary to have a fixed procedure, but not as complicated as in the Catholic Church.
Here is an example of the worship procedure:
1. Opening song
2. welcoming address
3. Worship (please more than 2 songs, otherwise the visitors just come to the worship and it’s already rumm)
4. sermon
5. (Song after sermon)
6. Discontinuations (Announcements)
7. final song
This process is ideal, which is why many large free churches like Hillsong, Bethel, Elevation do it exactly the same way.


3. sermon

A modern church service also needs a modern sermon. A modern sermon includes these elements.
Visitor-oriented message – The message must reach the people.
Modern language – The language must be modern, not a pious priestly language.
Modern means / pictures – To show a picture or a film excerpt, loosens everything up. The preacher can also paint something with a flipchart, or bring objects with him.

4. Building/ Location

The church building is the first thing visitors see when the church is in a city, then they may even decide whether to go in or not. This means that the building must look attractive from the outside and inside. The worship room should be furnished, the light dimmed and the stage lit if possible. Light, sound and space have a great influence on the mood we are put in. In some moods it is easier for us to praise and worship and to do nothing.


5. child labour

Child labor always seems to be done on the side. Worship leaders are the big rock stars and child service staff, the babysitters, exaggeratedly depicted ;).
Good child labor is the foundation of a healthy and sustainable community. Already bad dictators knew that if they manage to make children and young people lose their faith, they can then eliminate Christianity. So not only have we been given the responsibility by God to take care of his children, there are also “logical reasons”.

Children want to have fun – children only want to do what they have fun for. If your children, or those of your visitors, do not want to go to church, then the visitors will also be deterred.

Children are easy to shape – In childhood, people are easiest to shape, so you can convince them for God more easily than when they are teenagers.

Children grow up – We often want quick results. But you can only have real success if you invest. If you have a big child labour and these children become teenagers, suddenly you have a huge youth work. Youth work is not easy to build up and other churches will ask why you have 10 times more youth.


A modern church service has these 5 factors and of course others. Being modern is not always easy and sometimes requires extra strength, especially because “more traditional” or older people don’t want changes.



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