Here are 7 fantastic worship hacks that you didn’t know about yet.


Worship Hack 1: Music stand position

You can adjust the size of the music stand in different ways, steeper and flatter. If you set the music stand surface flat so that the surface is almost a “table” on which a glass of water could stand, the following will change. The people in the audience only see a black surface, if your music stand is set steeply, then they see 40cm black on stage. If you set the music stand flat, they might still see 5 cm.

Worship Hack 2: Watch speaker

You often think about where to look when someone is talking, you look into the audience, at your instrument, or at the back of the speaker’s head? The back of the head is right. Maybe it seems strange to you when you stare at the pastor’s hair all the time, but the audience gets the impression that you are listening to him attentively. It also creates order in the band when everyone looks at the speaker instead of everyone looking around somewhere. I’m always amazed, how seemingly little the musicians are interested in what the Pastor says.


Worship Hack 3: Promoter alternative

Promoter, or television on stage for the musicians, unfortunately remains for most worshipers a dream. But there is a way how you can solve the problem relatively simple. Put above the technical stage a television, or a projector, which is so big that you can read it from the front. The signal what leaves the PC with the text for the projector of the audience you just have to split. One signal goes, as always, to the front of the screen, the other to the back of the TV. Now you see exactly the same as the audience. For singers this is great, for instruments unfortunately not so great, because there are no chords.


Worship Hack 4: The song seems so slow to you?

When you play songs by other great artists (10 Best Worship Song Link), you sometimes get to the point that it seems too slow or too fast. And you think that it would be better if it was faster. If that’s the case, then this worship hack can be a revelation for you. For example, your song has 110 bpm, but it seems so slow. Play the song, as a whole band, with 90 Bpm once, or twice completely through. You “get used” to the slower tempo. If you play the song at 110 bpm again after that, it feels much faster than before.


Worship Hack 5: BackingTracks

Almost all more professional bands use backing tracks. These tracks are there to support the band, for example with violins, pads or other “fill” instruments. The backing tracks are no substitute for the band! Even if most community members wouldn’t notice if the band wasn’t actually playing.

Platform for backing tracks:

Here you can find almost all known christian songs as BackingTrack. They have to be purchased separately, but they are also the originals (instrumentals) of the bands.

The use of backing tracks will revolutionize your whole band. Learn more here (Link Worshiptools)


Worship Hack 6:

Transitions between songs are often difficult, especially when the pianist is still at the beginning and can’t lay a carpet. For songs with constant keys, a pad can run in the background, creating a harmonic transition and avoiding silence.

We as a band simply let the pads run in the background of most songs, thus creating more fullness.

During prayer you can play a simple chord sequence and hold the pedal, the pad does the rest.

Here you can download free pads:


Worship Hack 7: Light, as Worship Amplifier

Light is enormously important for a good atmosphere. If the room is bright during the day and the ceiling lights are fully illuminated, then the light does not support praise. You don’t need an ICF or Hillsong stage with Mega LED walls, but you should go with your possibilities in this direction.

– Ceiling lights for the room always off!

– If possible darken the windows

– Light up the band/preacher with halogeen lamps.

– Lighting the room – LED Stripes are a cheap way to light the room. You can put them on walls and the room will be bathed in one colour.

If you don’t have money, or can’t spend it, you can start with dimmable spotlights. Be creative and the worship atmosphere will change abruptly.



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