There are many discussions about whether Onlinedating as Christians ist okay or not, but should Christans use online dating apps like Tinder. And whether it’s okay to look for a partner online, or the holy version, to wait until God sends you the right partner.

If you have a firm opinion or not, then it’s only an opinion because the Bible logically says nothing directly to Tinder, or online dating.

Here are 7 tips that can help you decide whether onlinedating as christans is okay for you or not.


1. pray

Whether you meet someone online or offline, it is important that you pray before, because God can give you wisdom. So that you can see where would the problems be in the relationship and when you should stop, or intensify the relationship.


2. do not limit God

Do not limit how God can bring two people together. There are so many ways that God can bring two people together.

” Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Ephesians 3:20

In Christian groups this belief often circulates that if you go online to find a partner, then you must be very frustrated and sad. Because no one wants you offline, you have to go down and search online.

And that’s just not true!

Maybe you have a daily routine where you go from home to work, then to church and then back home and just don’t get in touch with many people.

Another belief we need to get rid of is that if you don’t have a deep relationship with God when you go online to find a partner. You have too little faith that God will eventually put the judge on your side. It doesn’t matter if you meet someone in a supermarket, on vacation, on the street or online. Important is only what happens afterwards


3. don’t let online dating become an addiction in your life

At least 9,000,000 people are online at all times on apps like Tinder. So it can quickly become addictive, or the activity you do all day. You can spend up to 8 hours a day on the app relatively quickly because someone keeps sending you Liket, a smile, writing to you. Suddenly you spend all your time there and no longer with healthy activities or God. Because you are


4. Be honest in your profile

In your profile you should be very honest about where you are at the moment in your life. Not how you looked 5 years ago, what you deserved, how you have been, but how you are now.

The problem is that when you start writing and your heart falls in love so slowly and you meet the person for the first time, there can be big disappointments. If you are immediately honest, it does not happen.

” Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body.“ Ephesians 4:25

What can also happen is if you meet this person and she is disappointed that she says, I don’t know if I can ever trust you, you have lied to me so much.


5. rather meet the person sooner than later

It is much easier to write long with one person, days, weeks, months, instead of meeting them. Your heart will become more and more attached to this relationship and if you meet the person in real too late then it can be very painful if he is different after all. Maybe because they don’t behave well in public, or something else that bothers you. Maybe you don’t like the other person either and you have wasted 3 or 4 months of your life.


6. write about your faith in your profile

When you openly talk about your faith, or write, it keeps away all people who are 100% against faith. If you don’t do that and have your heart attached to a person who tells you after a few months that he never wants to hear anything about God, then it is not pleasant.


7. write about your values in your profile

Your profile should say something important to you, for example that you would like to wait until marriage with sex or that you would like to marry your partner later. If you write this, people who only want to have sex or just hang out with you will quickly lose interest and not write to you. You will be contacted by more people who have the same interests as you. Some will say to themselves, it is certainly possible to seduce this woman, but it is much more difficult with her values than with the many other women on the app


8. try to get to know only one person at a time

This is from the idea against the psychology of dating apps, it’s not that you don’t write with several women in the beginning to find out which one might fit. But once you have found one that you would like to know much more about, focus on that one person. Try to get the other person to uninstall the app and just write using WhatsApp. The Dating App will continue to distract you and prevent you from having ONE relationship. Because it will show you a picture and you will think that the person is a little sweeter than the one I am writing with at the moment.

You need a clear focus on a person to find out if they are the right one or not.


9. stay away from towing apps

We don’t give an example here, but I’m sure you know what I mean. The goal of such apps is sex and fast dates. There are very few people who look for a relationship on such an app and there are even fewer who look for a lifelong relationship. So if you want a relationship, stay away from those apps.


10. Christian dating site or parship?

I know some women who have registered with big Christian partner platforms looking for a good Christian man. There are some of these platforms in Germany, some of which have more than 80,000 members. But what the women experienced on these platforms was not already, because there are some men who want to have the “good, gullible” Christian women. The idea of Christian partner exchanges is great, but unfortunately some people have ruined this idea.

Parship writes on their website that it is important to find a partner who has the same faith. With Parship or also Tinder mostly only “real” Christians indicate, which faith and values they have. Parship then suggests people with the same faith.

So you are more likely to find a Christian partner on Parship than on Christian partner exchanges.


In this article there are not many biblical passages, which is mainly due to the fact that online dating is not even 2 decades old. So the Bible does not speak About onlinedating as christans. These 10 points are orientations for you, based on a Christian view of Datingapps.


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