Here are the top 10 Jesus Songs in 2019


Top 10 English Jesus songs

  1. What A Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship
  2. Oceans – Hillsong United
  3. No longer Slaves – Bethel Music
  4. Holy Spirit – Jesus Culture
  5. Forever – Kari Jobe
  6. Wake – Hillsong Young & Free
  7. This I Believe – Hillsong Worship
  8. Good Good Father – Chris Tomlin
  9. Reckless Love – Bethel Music
  10. Cornerstone – Hillsong Worship


Top 10 Hindi Jesus Songs 

1. Beintehaan Pyaar
2. Yeshu Ki Jai
3. Tujhsa Koi Nahi
4. Marg Satya
5. Halleluja
6. Jisne Kiya
7. Mai Azaad Hu
8. Pratham Sthaan Dunga
9. Mahima Tujhto
10. Teri Jai


What makes a good Jesus song?

Jesus songs are worship songs. What does worship have for a purpose, or goal? Worship has the goal of building and strengthening the relationship between you and God. So a Song is good when it strengthens the relationship between Jesus and you.
Musically there are also some differences and some different directions of songs. The mainstream praise is moving, emotional, dynamic and profound. A worship song usually starts quietly and gets louder and louder, more and more instruments are added. Of course there are also many wild and funny Jesus songs, but often the quiet and emotional ones have the greatest power.

How can I tell if a christan song is really christian?

Jesus songs are written by thousands, by countless artists, but how do I know now that it is really Christian?
1. it always depends on your point of view. You can also sing a nice song from the charts for Jesus.
2 The band is Christian. Almost all Christian bands have on their side that they are Christians. If Christian bands release songs, then they will probably be Christian as well.
3. the lyrics of the song. Pay attention to the lyrics, what exactly is it about?


Best Bands

Here are some of the best and biggest bands that produce very good christan songs.
Chris Tomlin
Bethel Worship
Elevation Worship

What do Jesus songs do to you?

Christan songs are not dangerous, so no fear. Jesus wants a relationship with you, he wants to tell you that he loves you with all his heart. Christians also call this prayer. Jesus songs are nothing but prayers that are sung. So these Jesus songs build you up, encourage you and help you to find your web.


Top 10 christan Party songs

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