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Here are the 10 very best Jesus video songs Telugu:


1. Yesayya Official Video | Prabhu Pammi

2. Vagdanamu | Telugu Worship Song

3. John Erry (Feat. Allen Ganta & Sam Alex) | Sannidhi

4. Sharanam A Telugu Medley | Noel Rao | Bharath Paul Sundar

5. Sam Alex Pasula | Bridge Music India | Feat. Johan Larsson | Tere Bina (Unplugged)

6. Aadhar | John Erry (Feat. Allen Ganta & Sam Alex)

7. Neethone Undutaye – Esther Evelyne

8. New Latest TELUGU CHRISTIAN Songs 2019 || Yesu Unte Chaalu

9. John Vittney – Na Jeevithamu (Feat. Daniel Prem)



Those were the best Jesus video songs Telugu, if you what more atricls like this one, just share it with all your Friends and tell them About the Jesus Video Songs Telugu. Those Videos are made to worship God, so if you don’t know how to worship, just try it out and sings those Songs with all your heart. Let us know, if you Need help to find Jesus. To start to worship just sing those Jesus Songs in Telugu and remember, Jesus loves you, no matter what you have done, his love never Ends.

If you want more Christian Telugu Songs, feel free to follow this Playlist on Spotify and enjoy.

Here are the 10 best Christian Telugu Songs:

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