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Stressed people where you look.

Do you know people who make do with their time and energy?
Finding enough sleep?
that emotionally radiate a “cheerful serenity”?
Do you experience people who report enthusiastically about their goals and yet are grateful for what they experience today?
I know some of these guys who, by the way, are successful with what they do.

What’s their secret? What is the secret of their success and serenity?
These people find the right answers to these three questions:

1. Who or what robs me of energy?

Disappointments with people!
It’s not the mails or the abundance of tasks that empty our tanks. It’s the disappointments with people. We have invested trust and our trust has been disappointed. We thought the manager had his thing under control, now I have to save it on the spot. I thought we agreed on a direction on the board. But it was just a “lazy peace.” In reality, meetings are a stage of vanity and questionable motives.

The results of my work, which have not arrived, but which I have longed for!

If, at the end of the game, the desired result is not displayed on the scoreboard, not only the German national team is frustrated. Dissatisfaction with pay, bad grades at school, or failed diets. If all our efforts are not enough to achieve the desired result, we are frustrated and feel powerless.

2. How full is my tank?

Physically: Physical energy is the foundation of everything. What grade do you give yourself today for your physical freshness?
Emotional: Are you emotionally stable, or do you let yourself be disturbed by every little thing? Note:
Mental: Can’t you see the forest for the trees anymore, or do you have your goal clearly in mind? Do you feel like you’re in the famous hamster wheel, or are you clearly focused? Note:
Spiritually: Do you have the feeling that the world owes you something? Do you feel like you’re in a desert where everything’s withered and dry? Do you feel lost, or is your passion for making the world a better place boiling over? Note:

3. What gives me energy?

Physically: You may only need one hour more sleep at night. A little exercise, not a marathon. What would help you get a grade better? You already know the answer!
Emotional: What relaxes your soul, calms you down and gives you deep inner peace?
Mental: What inspires your thinking? What kind of trips would you like to undertake? Which dreams come true? Which books to read or learn language?
Spiritual: Surround yourself with people who give you energy, in whose presence you refuel. People who help you continue to follow your unique destiny. Take time for meditation and prayer.
With the honest inventory you already have the key for more energy in your hand.
Which area now needs immediate assistance?
Take only one measure, write it in your calendar! Now.
Ask your partner or a friend to help you! Who’s that?
Do it!