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Here are the 30 best christian girl baby names in 2019 and 2020. There are so many beautiful christian girl baby names, so we found the best 30 Names and listed them here in alphabetical order.

1. Abigail

This is one of the best christian girl Baby and one of the most popular Christian names. Abigail means the ‘Cause of Joy’.
Bible mention: 1 Samuel 25:1-42


2. Achsah

It means ‘Adorned’ or ‘Bursting the veil’. There are other references in the Bible, which also describe Achsah as ‘The woman who always wanted more’.
Bible mention: Joshua 15:16


3. Adina

Adina means ‘Slender’ and ‘Delicate’. It is a unisex name, which is also the name of the chief of an army of Reubenites in the Bible.
Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 11:42


4. Anna

This name means ‘Favor’ or ‘Grace’. Anna is also the woman who became the first Christian Missionary.
Bible mention: Luke 2:36-38


5. Anah

This beautiful Biblical name means the ‘One who answers’ or the ‘One who sings’.
Bible mention: Genesis 36:2, 18, 25


6. Ariel

Ariel means ‘Altar,’ ‘Light,’ or ‘The Lion of God’. In the Bible, Ariel is also used to refer to the city of Jerusalem.
Bible mention: Isaiah 29:7


7. Bethany

It means the ‘House of affliction’. In the Bible, Bethany refers to the village of Mother Mary and her sister Martha.
Bible mention: John 11:1


8. Chloe

Chloe, in the Bible, means ‘Blooming’ or ‘Fertility’.
Bible mention: 1 Corinthians 1:10


9. Deborah

It is a feisty name for a Christian baby girl and means ‘Bee’. In the Bible, Deborah was a prophetess.
Bible mention: Hebrews 11:32-34


10. Elisabeth

This beautiful name means ‘God is my Oath’ or someone who is ‘A worshipper of God’. It is also written as Elizabeth.
Bible mention: Luke 1:5-80


11. Esther

It means a ‘Star’ and also signifies a ‘Star of Joy’ or a ‘Star of Hope’.
Bible mention: Esther 2:7


12. Faith

Faith is a virtue name which refers to ‘Trust’ or ‘Belief’. It is derived from the Latin word fidere.
Bible mention: Genesis 5:22


13. Grace

It is one of the virtue names, and means ‘Courteousness’ or ‘Politeness’. Grace is inspired by the Latin word gratia.
Bible mention: Psalm 45:2


14. Hannah

Hannah means ‘Gracious’ or ‘Favor.’ It also refers to ‘A Woman who personifies Ideal Motherhood.’
Bible mention: 1 Samuel 1


15. Honey

This simple name refers to ‘Sweet’.
Bible mention: Genesis 43:11


16. Jewel

Jewel refers to a precious ornament or valuable stone.
Bible mention: Genesis 24:53


17. Joanna

Joanna is a beautiful Christian name, which means ‘God is gracious’.
Bible mention: Luke 8:1-3


18. Judah

Judah means ‘The praise of the Lord’.
Bible mention: Jeremiah 3:7


19. Justice

Derived from Justus in the New Testament, this name means ‘Upright’ or ‘Righteous’.
Bible mention: Genesis 49:16


20. Leah

Leah refers to ‘A woman who is weary yet remains loyal’.
Bible mention: Genesis 29


21. Lydia

Derived from Lydus, Lydia means ‘The beautiful one’.
Bible mention: Philippians 1:1-10


22. Martha

Martha is the feminine form of ‘Master’. Hence, meaning the ‘Lady Master’.
Bible mention: Luke 10:38-41

23. Mary

Mary is Beloved’ or ‘Wished-for child’. She is the mother of Jesus.
Bible mention: Matthew 1


24. Noah

Noah means ‘Rest’ or ‘Comfort’. In The Old Testament, Noah built an Ark, which saved people and animals during the great flood. He was appreciated and received a rainbow as a gift from God.
Bible mention: Numbers 26:33


25. Rose

This simple name refers to the flower Rose.
Bible mention: Genesis 7:18


26. Sarah

Sarah means ‘Princess’ and ‘Noblewoman’. In the Bible, she was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac.
Bible mention: 1 Peter 3:6

27. Susanna

This name means ‘A graceful lily’.
Bible mention: Luke 8:2


28. Zipporah

Zipporah means a ‘Little bird’ or a ‘Sparrow’.
Bible mention: Exodus 2:21

29. Zibiah

This name has various meanings, such as a ‘Doe’ or ‘Gazelle’.
Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 24:1


30. Vashti

Vashti means ‘Beautiful’ or the ‘Best’.
Bible mention: Esther 1

Those were the 30 best christian girl baby names for Kids in 2019 and 2020.

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