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Here are the 5 best christian youtube channels in 2020


1.The Christ Fam

One of the best christian youtube channels is the christ fam. A really new YouTube Chanel with a awesome topic. An christian Air Force Man with two German christian experts doing videos about their life and Christianity. Coby Gilyard, the air force man is vlogging is daily life at the us base in Qatar and how he lives their is christian based life. Simon and Joshua are two German young adults with an awesome massage, doing it really funny. christian youtubers for youth

They are doing great videos like, Sex before marrige, Tattoos, who is jesus christ youtube …

Check them out here:


3. best christian Youtube channels 2020 best christian Youtube channels 2020 Jess and Gabriel Conte

It’s not every day that you meet a couple as young and in love as Jess and Gabriel Conte.

The two met first via social media in December 2015, and then finally in person when Jess traveled from her home country of Australia to visit LA for a few weeks Jess began posting videos on YouTube years ago, mainly to share wth her family and friends, but a video of her dad and brother unexpectedly went viral on her channel. Since then, she’s kept up posting and has grown an audience. The young social media star posts mostly cover songs and adorable couple videos with her husband on her channel, and has garnered almost a million subscribers. Not to mention, she has a million on Instagram too. best christian youtube videos


4. best christian Youtube channels The Beat

Biblical Encouragement And Truth (The B.E.A.T) is an online video ministry dedicated to communicating God’s word in a creative, practical and easy-to-watch format. These short 5-minutes-or-less videos seek to address questions most Christians have and to provide a forum for people to discuss various theological concepts and ideas. This channel also encourages people by challenging them to live out their true calling as a Christian. We release a new video EVERY TUESDAY and FRIDAY. I hope you’ll enjoy these videos, share them and engage in the discussion! christian youtubers for youth


4. best christian Youtube channels Ronnie and Mel

Ronnie Faisst | Freestyle Motocross Pioneer turned Preacher
Melissa Faisst | Model turned Missionary

Helping YOU find God & walk with Him in your daily life!

Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting us here on our Christian Youtube Channel where we give you weekly videos to help you grow in God. We talk about topics like God, Jesus, the Bible, Christian dating & marriage, prayer, life, purpose, end times, and more. If that is something you need, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

Christianity doesn’t have to be complicated, it can actually be cool and we want to equip you to find your purpose & walk in your God-given destiny! christian youtuber


5. Paul and Morgan

Hey Fam! We’re Paul and Morgan Olliges :)

We’re a young couple making Christian Advice Videos on LIFE, LOVE and DATING! Welcome to our channel!

About Paul- Loves to read/write fiction, try new restaurants and wear cool clothes :D christian youtuber
About Morgan- Loves worship, decorating and eating fine cheeses (all at the same time)