Are you, or maybe in a relationship with a narcissist?

How do I recognize a narcissist?

At first you will find your partner great, because he is self-confident, pays attention to his appearance and wraps you eloquently and charmingly around his finger. In society he is the centre and is adored by everyone. But in the course of the relationship you notice more and more: The person at your side is a narcissist!
But what exactly defines a narcissist? Nowadays many people are in love with themselves. Many like to present themselves in public or via social media and seek confirmation from others. But not all of them are narcissists at the same time. There are a few typical behaviour patterns that almost all narcissists show sooner or later.


– begin to collect the partner
– increasingly take control of the partner’s life
– insult their environment in order to raise themselves
– humiliate the partner to demonstrate their power
– do everything to make themselves even more admirable
– behave extremely selfishly
– insist on their freedom in the relationship
– manipulate their fellow men by lying.
– react aggressively to criticism


The character traits of a narcissist are:

– boundless hubris
– exaggerated self-indulgence
– selfishness
– Arrogance and arrogance
– incapacity for self-criticism
– excessive expectations of fellow human beings
– Envy all who are better than themselves

If at least five of these properties occur, a pathological form of narcissism already exists. But even a few signs can make life difficult for you if you can’t look behind the facade.


What really happens in a narcissist?

In fact, more men are affected by the personality disorder than women. Behind the self-absorbed appearance, however, there is great self-doubt. Deep down inside, narcissists have a low self-esteem, which they exaggerate. In most cases, narcissists have had to fight for attention and recognition since early childhood. Out of fear of injury, they have developed certain protective mechanisms. They feel permanently threatened by their environment, which is why they like to take control themselves. What they lack completely is the ability to feel empathy.

In order to understand the narcissist at your side, you should always keep in mind: He is actually completely unsuitable for relationships in which both partners are equal and respect each other. It is not possible for him to feel love – neither for himself nor for another person. Even if he repeatedly affirms to love you and to show understanding for you – he cannot do it at all because of his personality disorder. He decides what to do and you play a supporting role in his ego show. | relationship with a narcissist


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