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There are many religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam and the Christian faith. But also in the Christian faith there are different currents, but all Christians believe in these 5 beliefs.


1 The Resurrection of Jesus

All Christianity is based on the resurrection of Jesus. Paul writes the following about this:
“But if Christ had not risen, our whole preaching would have no meaning, and your faith would have no foundation.” 1 Corinthians 15:14
He hereby says that if Jesus had not risen, the whole Christian faith would not make sense. All sermons, missionaries, hopes for a life after death would be unnecessary and a waste of time.

Because all our beliefs would be based on an event that is a lie.


2 Jesus is the only way to heaven

There is no other way to heaven except through Jesus.

“Only Jesus can bring salvation to man. Nothing and nobody else in the whole world saves us”. Acts 4:12
“Jesus answered, “I am the way, I am the truth, and I am life! Without me no one can come to the Father”. John 14:6

Jesus also says that we can only go to heaven by his grace. With this conviction the Christian faith distinguishes you from other religions, whose way into “eternity” is always connected with work. This means that in other religions man must be able to come into “eternity”.


3 Jesus was all man and all God.

That is, when Jesus was on earth, he was on the one side a man and on the other side a God.
“That is why he had to become like us, his brothers and sisters, in everything. In this way he could become a merciful and reliable high priest for us and offer himself to God as a sin offering for our sins”. Hebrews 2:17
In short, Jesus had to feel the same as we humans, so he was completely human.

“Because he himself suffered and was exposed to the same temptations as we humans, he can help us in all temptations. Hebrews 2:18
But Jesus also had to be all God, because it is not possible for one person to free another person from sin.


4 The Authority and Accuracy of the Bible

What does authority mean? Here authority means that the Bible is the final authority on all questions of faith and morality.

What does correctness mean? Accuracy means that the Bible is 100% free of errors or contradictions. If we say that the Bible has errors or contradictions, then we would either say that the Bible was not the thought of God that people wrote down. Which then means that people have written the Bible, which then causes many more problems. Or the Bible is God’s Word, but if this has errors, then God is untrustworthy.


5 Monotheism and the Holy Trinity

Monotheism means that our faith says that there is only one God.

We believe that this one God exists eternally in three persons, each person being completely God and sharing the same essence and attributes.

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