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Here are the 10 best Jesus Songs in Tamil – Iṅkē tamiḻ ciṟanta 10 pāṭalkaḷ uḷḷaṉa

Best Jesus Song

Yengugirom – Premji Ebenezer — click to listen

Best artist

Stephen Jebakumar —- click to listen

Best quality songs

Neer Enthan – David Quarth —– click to listen

There are a lot of jesus songs, every day thousands are re-released. With the amount of songs you can quickly lose track. Therefore here is a list with the 10 best jesus songs for the year 2019. You are welcome to share the page on Facebook.

Jēcas pāṭalkaḷ niṟaiya uḷḷaṉa, āyirakkaṇakkāṉavarkaḷ ovvoru nāḷum maṟupaṭiyum maṟupaṭiyum veḷiyiṭukiṟārkaḷ. Pāṭalkaḷiṉ aḷavuṭaṉ nīṅkaḷ viraivil kaṇṇōṭṭattai iḻakkalām. Eṉavē, 2019 ām āṇṭiṟkāṉa 10 ciṟanta ciṟanta pāṭalkaḷiṉ paṭṭiyal iṅkē uḷḷatu. Pēspukkil pakkam pakirntu koḷḷa nīṅkaḷ varavēṟkappaṭukiṟīrkaḷ.

  1. Yengugirom – Premji Ebenezer
  2. Netrum Indrum Endrum – Premji Ebenezer
  3. Neerae En Thanjam – Stephen Jebakumar
  4. Sawasikum Kaatrilum Neerae – Premji Ebenezer
  5. Thirukarathal – Stephen Jebakumar
  6. Azhagae – Ps. John Jebaraj
  7. Vaalaakamal – Ps. John Jebaraj
  8. Ejamaananae – Ps. John Jebarai
  9. Kanneer Sindhi – David Quarth
  10. Neer Enthan – David Quarth



The best Jesus Songs in english – Āṅkilattil ciṟanta jēcas pāṭalkaḷ

1. What A Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship
2. Oceans – Hillsong United
3. No longer Slaves – Bethel Music
4. Holy Spirit – Jesus Culture
5. Forever – Kari Jobe
6. Wake – Hillsong Young & Free
7. This I Believe – Hillsong Worship
8. Good Good Father – Chris Tomlin
9. Reckless Love – Bethel Music
10. Cornerstone – Hillsong Worship


Those Songs are the best Jesus Songs in Tamil and the best worship Songs in english. Enjoy those Songs and praising our Living King. Feel free to write us a email and share this Page with as many People as possible, so that the whole world can meet Jesus love.

What matters in worship is that you meet God yourself, or when you play in a band that others meet God. The meaning of worship is only the worship of God, so we should also choose our loved ones.


The Best Jesus Party Songs 2019

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