They are used by people and vehicles to cross over these things. Geoff Bendeck is a MFA candidate in creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College. His work has appeared at and in WorldViewmagazine. I spent my summers at the beach—surfing, swimming, and going to summer camp as a junior lifeguard—but I’ve always felt fearful of the unchecked power of the water. My inner thirteen-year-old junior lifeguard called out to me to be a hero that night, but I’m not a hero.

what is a bridge in an essay

This proves that in the moment of weakness, they might have made a wrong decision and needed help instead of making such an irreversible, decisive step. The debate around the choice of living or dying, as a right of every individual, triggers multiple social, cultural, moral, religious, and medical factors. In my opinion, in contemporary civilized society, people should act under common rules.

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When it became apparent that the bridge would be lost, the engineer in charge tried to contact his senior, and both engineers issued a warning message to stop the construction . However, the message from the engineers arrived at the construction site a while after the collapse of the bridge. Prior the construction of the bridge, the only way to cross the river was by the use of a ferry. The river was a major barrier to transport due to its breadth. While there were no major flaws in the initial design of the bridge, changes to the initial plan resulted to the eventual collapse of the bridge .

How do you write a bridge for an essay?

The key to constructing good bridges is briefly repeating what you just finished saying, thus forcing yourself to spell out how the new paragraph follows. Hence, “Next,” “Additionally,” and “My next point is” are not explicit transitions.

The body of the essay will contain three distinct sections, each one elaborating on one of the reasons listed out in the bridge. As such, the thesis informs the reader what the main idea of the essay is.

Bridge sentence types and examples

This illustrates that Alfieri tries to the best of his ability to change Eddie’s final fate as in the beginning he doesn’t seem bothered at all however, now he is trying to make amends of his previous error. After Eddie dies by the hands of Marco Alfieri says, ‘Most of the time we settle for half and I like it better. ‘ This quote has several meanings behind it for example; it is how Alfieri begins and ends the story to show that Alfieri knew that this would be the final outcome. However, Alfieri doesn’t want this to happen as Eddie is a good friend and person so he tells Marco, ‘Only God Marco.

what is a bridge in an essay

This example has a question that serves as the “pointer” to the previous paragraph. And the answer to this question introduces the main point of the current paragraph. The collapse of bridge I-35W in Minnesota during the rush hour of August 1put tremendous pressure on the reliability and safety of our bridges nationwide. The overall goal in completing this project of bridge analyses was to come up with a framework or model of a bridge that is structured in order to meet supreme. The book The Bridge at Dong Ha written by John Miller is a narrative description of the story of how a bridge on Cua Viet river separating north and South. The sight brought tears even in my eyes and, I wondered how cruel human beings can become.

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The three basic parts of an essay introduction transition to each other like liquid through a funnel. Baseball managers have important decisions to make when it comes to the order of their batters in the lineup — much like the decisions a writer has to make when putting together an essay. In baseball, the person who is selected as the first batter is generally the hitter who is most likely to get on base, meaning that they would set up the next batters to be able to send them home and score a run. The first paragraph of an essay sets up plays for the writer much the same as the lead-off batter does for the rest of their team. Use such words and phrases that will help create a smooth transition between ideas.

what is a bridge in an essay

In most cases, people who decide to commit suicide act under the influence of depressive feelings. Indeed, the majority of suicides are those with physical or mental illnesses or in a severe state of depression that might be cured or assisted. The survivors of the Golden Gate Bridge jumping say that after crossing the railing and making the last step, they understand that all that seemed unfixable is fixable.

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It also states that perhaps some people should have settled for half like Eddie and if Eddie did settle for half then he may have never died. On the other hand many people did settle for half and their life wasn’t that bad like Beatrice and Alfieri. Therefore, it touches upon many political views like homosexuality, immigration. In interlude six, Alfieri will not bail Marco out as he believes that this could be the only way to prevent the death of Eddie Carbone.

Bridge sentences, sometimes also referred to as transition sentences, are like real bridges in our physical world. The latter connect two pieces of land and serve to aid communication. They make humans transit from one place to another faster and easier. A similar logic applies to bridge sentences in essay writing, or just about any kind of writing, however, in this case, they help to connect paragraphs, thoughts, and ideas. The thesis statement sums up the central point or argument of the essay. It’s the beating heart of the introduction, and the spine of the entire essay. Coming up with a good thesis is one of the most important parts of the essay writing process.

Cross a Bridge when You Come to It

These three things are the main elements of most bridge sentences. PhDessay is an educational resource where over 1,000,000 free essays are collected. Scholars can use them for free to gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing assignments.

The importance of observing procedures and giving prompt response to emerging issues is also highlighted by the account of the Quebec Bridge construction. One of the major problems that affected this project was the lack of proper calculations to determine the final dead weight of the bridge . The tension and compression forces on each of the girders had to be determined to assess whether the structure could hold its weight, and that of the people and vehicles what is a bridge in an essay using it. This led to the first collapse of the bridge while it was almost complete. The initial plan for the construction of the bridge was changed and the engineers did not account for the additional weight and length of the bridge. Apart from the inflated cost of the bridge, time was another setback for the construction of the bridge. The bridge, which was scheduled to be completed in 1907, was finally completed in 1917, ten years behind schedule.

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The list below gives a step-by-step account of how the example student wrote the introduction. The thesis is too broad – For example, „climate words to introduce a quote change is bad!“ While this is certainly true, the argument presented here is way too broad for a discipline as large as climate change.

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  • This example has a question that serves as the “pointer” to the previous paragraph.
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians will also have a path, hopefully improving safety issues.

Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. However, in this long span of my life I have personally witnessed some horrible tragedies too. This place, this venue has very often been used as a platform, a convenient place for committing suicides and even murders.

Ways of making logical connections and transitions

I think she was a newly married bride, probably going for her honeymoon or maybe she was coming back from it. My life has been a wonderful experience, and the routine very busy and interesting. All the time, yes, all the time there is traffic on my second tier, with vehicles passing through unabated. I think, every two hours there is a train passing on the first/top tier. Thousands and thousands of people are crossing over my back every day and all the time. Though it is a strain to remain alert and awake for all twenty four hours of every day, I find it all very interesting too. Thus, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge raised substantial difficulties because the city’s policy makers hired multiple contractors to complete the project.

You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. A systems engineer could have determined the fine mathematical details of the whole structure and made proper estimates for the construction of the bridge . Systems engineering can be used to assess the physical viability of such a project.

The arch summit is about 135 meters above the average harbour water level. There are four pylons at each end of the arch that weren’t part of the initial design and they don’t actually fulfil any structural purpose. I am not only a bridge across a river, but, my importance in the life of Delhites is very great. I serve as the nerve centre of commuting for people who travel from one end of the town to the other.