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Here are the 30 best christian Baby Boy names. The are so many baby boy names out there and also a lot of Christian baby boy names, that why we wrote that article. Here are the 30 best Christian baby boy names in 2019 and 2020. We have also an article About the best Christian Baby Girl names

1. Aaron:

Aaron means a ‘Teacher’, ‘Lofty’, or a ‘Mountain of strength’. It is one of the most popular Christian names.
Bible mention: Exodus 4:14

2. Abdiel:

Abdiel means the ‘Servant of God’.
Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 5:15


3. Abel:

The name of the second son of Adam and Eve, Abel means ‘Breath’ or ‘Vapor’.
Bible mention: Genesis 4:2

4. Abram:

Abram is the birth name of Abraham, it means the ‘Exalted father’.
Bible mention: Genesis 11:10-27


5. Amos:

One of the most popular prophets in the Bible, Amos means ‘Burden’ or the ‘One who bears the burden’.
Bible mention: Amos 1:1, Book of Amos


6. Andrew:

Andrew is the name of Jesus Christ’s first disciple. It means ‘A strong man’, and is one of the most popular Christian boy names.
Bible mention: Matthew 4:18

7. Barak:

Barak means ‘Thunder’ in Hebrew. Do not confuse it with Barack, which is an African name.
Bible mention: Judges 4:6


8. Caleb:

Caleb is mentioned several times in the Bible as a loyal follower. This name means ‘Faithful like a dog’ or ‘Devotion of the faithful’.
Bible mention: Numbers 13:6


9. Daniel:

Daniel is one of the most celebrated prophets in the Bible. This name means ‘God is my judge’.
Bible mention: Ezekiel 14:14, Book of Daniel


10. Eleazar:

Eleazar means the ‘God is helper’.
Bible mention: Exodus 6:23

11. Elijah:

In the Old Testament, Elijah is a famous prophet and miracle worker who ascended to heaven in a blazing chariot. This name means ‘My God is Yahweh’.
Bible mention: 1 Kings 17:1


12. Elisha:

Elisha is the disciple and successor of the prophet Elijah in the Old Testament. This name means ‘My God is salvation’.
Bible mention: 1 Kings 19:16


13. Elon:

Elon means ‘Oak’, ‘Grove’, or ‘Strong’ in Hebrew. This name is slowly rising to popularity, thanks to the famous technology entrepreneur, investor, and engineer, Elon Musk.
Bible mention: Genesis 26:34


14 Gabriel:

Often depicted as a messenger, Gabriel is one of the few mentioned angels in the Bible. The name Gabriel is a long time favorite of Christian households. It means ‘God is my strength’.
Bible mention: Daniel 8:16


15. Isaac:

Another one of the most common Christian names, Isaac means ‘Laughter’ in Hebrew. Isaac is the miracle son of Abraham in the Old Testament.
Bible mention: Genesis 17:19


16. Jacob:

In the Bible, Jacob is Esau’s younger twin brother who fights with his elder brother since they are formed in the womb. The name Jacob means ‘He who supplants’ or ‘He who follows after.’
Bible mention: Genesis 25:26


17. James:

James is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. This name means ‘Supplanter’.
Bible mention: Matthew 4:21


18. Jemima:

Jemima means ‘Handsome as the day’.
Bible mention: Job 42:14


19. John:

One of the most common Christian names, John means ‘God is gracious’ or ‘Mercy of the Lord’.

Bible mention: Acts 4:6


20. Joshua:

One of the most popular Christian names today, Joshua is sometimes stylized as Oshea or Jehoshua. It means ‘Jehovah is salvation’.
Bible mention: Exodus 17:9

21. Levi:

Levi means ‘Joined’ or ‘Attached’. In the Bible, the Levi tribes are the priestly class of the Israelites.
Bible mention: Genesis 29:34


22. Luke:

Another variant of Lucius or Lucas, this name means ‘Luminous’. In the New Testament, we also see the name Luke in The Gospel Of Luke and other gospels.
Bible mention: 2 Corinthians 8:16


23. Mark:

Also known as Marcus, this name means ‘Shining’ or ‘A large hammer’. The name Mark is also relevant in the New Testament because of the Gospel According To Mark.
Bible mention: Acts 12:12


24. Nathanael:

Nathanael is the name of one of the followers of Jesus in the New Testament. It means ‘The gift of God’.
Bible mention: John 1:45


25. Noah:

Noah is derived from the Hebrew word Noach, which means ‘Rest’ or ‘Repose’. Noah is another prominent figure who built an Ark at God’s order before the flood.
Bible mention: Genesis 6:8

26. Peter:

One of the original disciples of Jesus, Peter is an outstanding character in the Bible. This name means ‘Rock’ or ‘Stone’.
Bible mention: Matthew 4:18


27. Samuel:

One of the most popular Christian names until today, Samuel means ‘Heard’ or ‘Asked of God’.
Bible mention: 1 Samuel 1:1


28. Thomas:

One of the twelve apostles who is known for his skepticism, Thomas means ‘Twin’.
Bible mention: Matthew 10:3


29. Zemira:

Also spelled as Zemirah, it means ‘A melody’ or ‘A song’.
Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 7:8


30. Zuriel:

Zuriel means ‘God is a rock’.
Bible mention: Numbers 3:35


Those are the most beautiful Christian baby boy names in the Bible. A lot of christian are nameing there baby boys and girls, with name of the bible. Please tell us your favorit Christian baby boy name on our list.


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Why a christian Name?

It is important to give your child a Christian name for 2 reasons. Reason 1: One lives a good foundation for the child, a Christian foundation. Reason 2: In former times it was much more popular to name one’s children after deeds or characteristics, we don’t do that anymore, so it is important to name one’s children at least Christian.

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