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10 Best Love feeling quotes in Tamil

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1. love encouraged

Peter was out by boat all night, but he hadn’t caught anything. Then Jesus encourages him to go out again. And suddenly the nets are full. Peter is afraid: “Lord, do not take care of me, I am too great a sinner to be with you”. (Luke 5:8) . But Jesus encourages him: “Do not be afraid” (Luke 5:8). (Luke 5:10). And he goes one step further, because …


2. love trusts the other to something

Jesus tells Peter what potential he sees in him: “From now on you will fish people.” (Luke 5:10). He trusts him to do something that Peter does not even trust himself to do. This trust is also expressed in the name Jesus gave him. His real name was Simon, Jesus first made him Peter. This means rock (John 1:42). And he says with it: I trust that you can be relied upon. You are a rock.

That such a rock, such a chunk of a guy’s rock, can walk even on the water, I would not have thought. When Jesus runs towards them on a stormy night on the water, Peter gets a mutiny: “Lord, if you really are, command me to come to you on the water. (Matthew 14:28). And how does Jesus react? He remains quite cool because he even believes Peter to be able to walk on the water: “Then come,” he says. Wow! Do we actually trust each other to walk on the water?


3. love offers a helping hand

We know how Peter’s brawl ended. He becomes afraid of his own courage and begins to sink. Fortunately, Jesus does not stop at this point to encourage, otherwise it might have been over with poor Peter. In this emergency situation Jesus holds out his hand to Peter, holds him tight and pulls him out. (Matthew 14:31)

It is important that we encourage and trust each other. But sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes it is necessary to give the other a helping hand, pull him out, support him.


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