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No sex before marriage is called? What good would that do?

Why should sex belong in marriage? It’s outdated, isn’t it? Or as Bella von Twilight says in Part 3: “No, it’s not modern, it’s ancient!”

Actually, nobody talks about it anymore. What’s there even to discuss? There’s probably no movie or series (except maybe the Disney films for kids) in which sex isn’t the end of a date anymore.


Is sex bad from a biblical point of view?

Contrary to popular opinion, sexuality is not a bad thing from a Christian point of view. On the contrary. Sex is so good, it’s worth waiting for the right guy to come.

In Eclipse, the 3rd part of Twilight, there is a conversation between Edward and Bella. Bella wants to sleep with Edward, she is fully aware of her love. Edward, however, resists. As a result, Bella is totally hurt and disappointed. She thinks he doesn’t want her. But that’s exactly the point of sexuality! Edward replies to her, “Believe me, I want to. I just want to be married to you first! I will protect your soul. I would have courted you and i may have stolen a kiss or two. I would have got down on my knee and I would have presented you the ring.” Now he’s proposing to her. And they’re actually waiting until the wedding to have sex.


So why this obsolete view in one of the most watched love films of our time?


Sex and Sellotape Film

Imagine your sexuality is like Sellotape, it connects you to your partner. Stick a scotch tape on your wrist and a partner’s. That holds really well! If you take it off now, you’ll rip out your hair, it’ll hurt!

Now you take the sellotape and stick it on someone else’s wrist. That’s not gonna last much longer. It’s also a bit disgusting for the other, because the skin scales and hair that came off at the first are hanging on it.

Then off again. Stick it to the next one on the wrist. The thing becomes more and more unpleasant and the adhesive effect of the tesa tape gets worse and worse.

Now comes the man or woman for life. Now all you’ve got left for him is a dirty, non-adhesive tape of tesa. Really great.



But that’s exactly how it is. Sexuality is unique. If you have always imagined travelling to the beach in Thailand for the first time with the love of your life, that would be unique. And now you’re traveling with each of your friends. Finally, the journey comes with the right one: it is now just a huge pile of memories of all the ex-people, nothing special anymore.


Become one

The Bible says in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 19 that 2 people who have sex with each other become one, one person. And even if you are no longer with them, a part of them will always stay with you. A great idea when you think about how many exes get into your bed with you on your honey moon.

That’s too bad! Because sexuality is a unique, cool gift. You got it to enjoy it. And to have fun with it, to share with your partner something that is only your very own secret. Something so special there’s only one who’s got it in common with you.


Too late already?

There was a great lecture on this topic given by Pam Stenzel in high schools in the USA. It explained the medical, spiritual and social consequences of sex outside marriage. There she described a young woman who already had a violent sexual past. When she decided to change her life, she called herself “Reborn Virgin”.


It is never too late to leave one path and take another – better – path.

Sex before marriage is called – the article – lief a comment about what you think of sex before marriage is called.


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