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10 Best Love quotes in Tamil with images

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What the Bible say about Love and Love quotes in Tamil with images

“From the Bible, only what Jesus wanted is true – love!” Many ways of thinking about the Bible have almost become beliefs among Christians. This applies equally to conservative Romms and liberal enlightened people. But it is worth taking a close look. Fascination Bible Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ulrich Wendel takes a close look at the above doctrine.
“Love your neighbor as yourself! – “Don’t wear clothes woven from two different materials.” The Bible is manifold and detailed in its statements. Do all of them still apply equally today? “In humility, one respects the other higher than himself. – Give beer to those who are dying, and wine to the afflicted souls, that they may drink, forget their misery, and not remember their misfortune.
Love quotes in Tamil with images

Real Love

Should one take all these sentences equally seriously and still follow them today as they stand? Many Christians rightly have the impression that there are differences between the statements of the Bible. But how would one then be able to sort out what is still valid today and what is not? One often comes across the following suggestion: God has shown himself most clearly in Jesus. Jesus is the full interpreter of the Bible. And what was it that Jesus wanted more than anything else? Love! So whoever asks today what love commands does what Jesus meant. From the detailed variety of biblical statements, what corresponds to the “principle of love” is therefore valid. Is this guiding principle suitable for applying the Bible today? Is this a key to understanding all the verses of that time and all the situations of today? On the one hand – yes: Jesus is “the one word of God”, as clearly thinking theologians once correctly formulated. Yes, Christ is the center of Scripture, and we do well to place what we read in the Bible around Christ. And yes, God is love. Love corresponds to his deepest being. Love quotes in Tamil with images