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Why and How Christmas is celebrated

India – The country is known for its colorful celebrations and festivals but how christmas is celebrated. For example the Holi-Festival, which is celebrated at the beginning of spring, is to be classified here. The people throw themselves with bright colours and party exuberantly. This is how the new season is greeted in an Indian way. The Indians also celebrate Christmas in the same way. Music, dance and exuberance are at the top of the list. Although Christmas is not listed in the calendar of Hinduism, which is the main religion in the Asian state, the whole thing is not so strict here. Everything that can be celebrated is celebrated. Of course, there are also some very strict Hindus who reject this strictly, but the majority in the country is open to Christmas. The Christians, who are also numerous in the heavily populated country, dictate the traditions.



So what are the Christmas holidays like in India? First of all, one should know that also the holidays around the festival are work-free. The highlight is the 25th of December. One day before, on the evening of the 24th of December, the Christmas mass takes place. It is one of the most important traditions. The church is decorated with red poinsettias and a lot of lights. For all Indians, even non-Catholics, attending such a mass is a highlight. The atmosphere alone is something special.



But not only the church is decorated. As firs or spruces are not native to Asia, mango trees, banana trees or simply palm trees are used. The leaves of the mango also serve to decorate the houses together with colorful lights. In some parts one takes also coloured oil lamps and places oneself on wall projections or on the roofs of flat houses. The whole thing looks like a colorful sea of lights and does not have much to do with western ideas of Christmas decoration. But the colourfulness comes into its own here again.

The trade also nibbles at all the hustle and bustle. But in one thing the Indian Christmas still differs substantially: Gifts are unusual in many families. Only the children get a little something. This saves a lot of pre-Christmas stress in India. How christmas is celebrated.

Why Christmas in celebrated


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