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Here are the top 7 best christian movies on Netflix

1. best Christian movie

The Shack Click to find out more

2. best Christian movie

God’s not dead Click to find out more

3. best Christian movie

Noah Click to find out more


1. The Shack

During a camping trip with the whole family Missy disappears without a trace. Her desperate father Mack questions everything he believed in and sinks into grief and guilt. Years after the accident, a mysterious letter leads him back to the place where it happened, a hut in the middle of the forest. There he meets three strangers who take him on a journey that changes his life forever.

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2. God’s not dead

When Josh comes to university, his professor turns his world upside down, asking his students to write down the words ‘God is dead’. Josh thinks about his faith and tries to prove the existence of God. But this is not so easy at a university where there seem to be only rationally thinking scientists.

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3. Noah

The former fighter Noah has left the battlefield behind and now lives a god-fearing life. But suddenly he is plagued by visions of a Flood that will wipe out life on Earth. He understands his visions as a mission to build an ark that will ensure the survival of mankind and animals. While Noah is building the ship, some people want to secure their place on the saving ark by force. The attackers are even ready to kill for their target.

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4. Blind Side

Blind Side is one of the best Christian movies on Netflix. Michael Oher is a teenager with exceptional football talents. But nobody knows anything about that, because the frightened ghetto boy has long since forgotten how to communicate with his environment. By pure chance he meets the socially committed Leigh Anne Tuohy, who immediately develops a great interest for the unusual youngster. That’s why she takes care of the homeless man to help him on his way and gives him the chance of a lifetime.

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5. Exodus: Gods and Kings

Like brothers, Moses and Ramses grew up after little Moses washed up in a wicker basket on the banks of the Nile and rescued. But the differences in their origins always shine through. Moses sees the wealth of the Pharaohs as being based on the shoulders of a slave rule and is committed to the liberation of the Israeli people, of which he sees himself as a part. Since Ramses is not convinced by anything, Moses finally goes into battle himself.

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6. I’m in love with a church Girl

This is the 6. best Christian movie on Netflix. Miles left his history as a drug dealer behind. However, he has kept his wealth and his conspicuous lifestyle makes him a constant eye-catcher for the anti-drug squad. Miles has sworn never to betray a friend who is still active, which always gets him into trouble with the law. One day Miles meets Vanessa, whom he immediately falls for.

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