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Basics we sometimes forget

We often forget the little things we actually know. We think much too complicated and the best strategies don’t help us if we neglect our basics. With these 10 tips your worship can improve very quickly.

1. prepare yourself in prayer and pray as a team before the rehearsal.
2. master your instrument and the songs.
3. practice with the band, they should know exactly what they should do when, uncertainties feel also the audience.
4. Sing simple songs. People need simple texts, otherwise they won’t get into praise. Sing classics, too.
5. also choose deep songs with good lyrics. Many “Poppige” songs of Hillsong Young & Free have no depth, they only sing “Jesus I love you, uhhhhh” and a lot of “aahhh”.
6. Don’t look at your music stand! It’s just distracting, the visitors want to see that you have the songs on you. Besides, you should focus on other things.
7. Be authentic! Don’t talk like you’re not, don’t talk like rock stars and also don’t talk mega holy like these typical priests prayers.
8. Make yourselves invisible. It’s not about you! My band always wears black clothes when they perform outside our community. Many Christian artists put themselves in the foreground and build bands around them.
9. Be friends! It is important that you are also friends as a worship team, even outside “work”. Makes meetings that have nothing to do with worship.
10. Smile. Many worshipers sing in suffering, they look very sad. We worshipers should shine and smile.

Here are some of the best Worship Tools 
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