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Here are the 10 largest churches in the world, also known as Mega Churches. A church is a Mega Church if it has at least 4000 visitors on Sundays. The largest churches in the world have experienced enormous growth over the past 20 years.

Mega Church 1:

Calvary Temple

Weekly visitors 250,000

Founded in 2005


Mega Church 2:

Yonggi Cho Yoido Full Gospel

Weekly visitors: 200.000

Members: 800.000

South Korea

Mega Church 3:

Dion Robert and the Works and Mission Baptist Church

Weekly visitors: 185.000

Ivory Coast

Mega Church 4:

Deeper Christian Life

Weekly visitors: 180.000

Lagos, Nigeria

Mega Church 5:

Deeper Christian Life Ministry

Weekly visitors: 120.000

Kumuyi Lagos, Nigeria


Largest churches in the USA:

1st Lakewood Church

Weekly visitors: 43.500


2nd Life Chruch

Weekly visitors 41,000

Edmond, Oklahoma; Evangelical Convenant Church

3rd Willow Creek Community Church

Weekly visitors: 25,700

South Barrington

4th Second Baptist Church

Weekly visitors: 23,700


5th Saddleback Church

Weekly visitors: 22.000

Lake Forest, California


Pros and cons of Mega Churches

There are many advantages in huge communities, but also some disadvantages that are listed here.

Disadvantages of Mega Churches:

1. very impersonal: you feel like you’re at a big concert every Sunday. You’re not really taken, because you’re one of 50,000 thousand.

2) Difficult integration: For example, if you like playing guitar for God very much and maybe you can do it very well, it’s hard to get on stage in such a big church. So you can’t live out some gifts in the church.

3. establish contact: It is not easy to find a new friend in a crowd of 50,000 people, although fellowship is always very important among Christians.

Advantages of Mega Chruches:

1st spectator: It is possible to watch the service without having to talk to many people.

2. good music quality: because large churches have a large selection of musicians, they can also put together the best worship teams. Therefore, music in the large churches is often perfect.

3rd community feeling: The reason many people go to concerts and congresses is a community feeling that people in large churches feel every Sunday.

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