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This are the 10 Best Christmas songs in Hindi

Have fun with the best Christmas songs in Hindi


1. Yeshu Paida Hua (Hindi Christmas Song)


2. Hindi Christmas Song


3. Hindi Christmas Song 2017- 2018


4. Aaya Masih Duniya Mein Tu – CHRISTMAS HINDI SONG


5. Emmanuel


The Christmas Stroy

is today we celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas. His story began before he was born: In Nazareth lived a young woman named Mary. One day an angel suddenly floated before her. Mary was frightened, but the angel told her that she did not have to be afraid. He had been sent by God to tell her that she would soon have a child – a very special one. This would be called Jesus and all people would call it the “Son of God”. Mary wondered: from whom would she have a child – she wasn’t married yet, was she? But the angel explained to her that God Himself was the Father.

Mary’s pregnancy

Joseph, Mary’s fiancé, was sad when he heard of Mary’s pregnancy: he believed that Mary had lied to him and was with another man. He decided to part with her – although he actually wanted to marry her. While sleeping one night, he dreamed of an angel: “Do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife,” he said. Mary had not lied to him: the child was the Son of God. He ordered him to give the child the name Jesus. He would make people happy and joyful. When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel had told him: he took Mary as his wife. And he would call the child Jesus.

The Roman emperor

At this time the Roman emperor ordered all the inhabitants to go to their homeland. He wanted to count how many people lived in his kingdom. They were to register there in lists. So Joseph had to go to his home Bethlehem – but he took his Mary with him. The journey was very difficult because Mary was very pregnant. They had to spend the night somewhere – but no matter where they knocked, nobody had a bed for them.

Finally they found an abandoned stable where they could stay. That night Maria had her son. That is why we call this night the “Holy Night”. As the angel had said, Joseph gave him the name Jesus.

Nearby, shepherds sat in the field guarding their flock of sheep. They were shocked when the angel suddenly floated in front of them. “Do not be afraid, for I proclaim to you a great joy,” he said. He told them about the birth of the Son of God. Curious, the shepherds made their way to the stable where Mary, Joseph and Jesus were. They wanted to see this with their own eyes!

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