Somehow the matter of communication is much more complicated than it seems. The longer the partnership lasts, the more you become aware of this.

Recently, a young woman told me that the problem could be solved very quickly. You only have to understand the men, then there would be no more difficulties.

That’s true. But no one has ever really managed to understand the opposite sex. 75% of all marriages are divorced for the reason that communication no longer works.


What is the problem if we don’t understand each other?

Why doesn’t my partner understand what I am saying?

Or better yet, why doesn’t my partner understand what I want to say?

Why doesn’t he understand that I am hurt?

Why doesn’t he tell me that he loves me?

Why isn’t my partner talking to me?


3 clear signs of poor communication:

When you imply negative intentions toward each other
When silence spreads
When you withdraw more and more from your life together

There are a thousand things that can somehow go wrong in communication between couples. And since we don’t have an answer to the questions, we think it’s because of the lack of love.

My partner doesn’t love me.

Or: Maybe I don’t really love my partner!

Or: We just don’t fit together.

But this is not right! No matter where you go, on every continent and in every country people have the same difficulties. Communication is not as easy as we always think.

By communicating properly with your partner, your relationship will be stronger and more fulfilling! If you want to learn more about this, download the free Lifelongapp and discover a whole series on the topic of communication and fulfilling relationships.


Because good communication causes

That I feel accepted, just as I am
That I feel at home with my partner
That we carry each other when there are problems
That we can solve every conflict together
That we are the best team in the world.