Here are the Top 10 Christan Techno & EDM Songs:

EDM means: Electric Dance music

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  1. I Can’t Quit – Capital Kings
  2. Don’t Wanne Wake up – Capital Kings
  3. Love infinity – LZ7
  4. Into your armes – Capital Kings
  5. Everything – Toby Mac
  6. Northern Sky – Capital Kings, KB
  7. Love is on our Side – Capital Kings
  8. Love Broke Thru – Toby Mac
  9. Live fort he Drop – Capital Kings
  10. I Just need U. – Toby Mac


The world of christan techno & EDM songs is still quiet smal. Although a lot of people listen to not christian EDM Songs. This kind of Worship is the same kind as Hillsong or Chris Tomlin.


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