Tenderness and Sexuality in partnership encompasses everything that deals with your body. From touch and tenderness to sexuality.

Despite our now very permissive society, most people still find it extremely difficult to talk about their own needs for tenderness and sexuality.

When it comes to just casual talking on the subject, most people are quite talkative.
The problem, however, is that when it comes to one’s own sexuality, desires and needs, difficulties and injuries, then most people fall silent.

Tenderness and sexuality should enrich your life. The physical touch triggers feelings in us, which cannot cause anything else. Nevertheless, there is an infinite fog around this topic. It seems like our entire recon is on Netflix and cinema right now.

However, the relationships in most films are not at all comparable to our own partnership. This leads to uncertainty and dissatisfaction among many people.


Well, first of all:

Most people love it when they are touched by their loved one, even if they do not follow the path of sexuality to the end.

Tenderness and physical touch is much more than sex

I know many people, especially women, who lack this tenderness without ulterior motives. I often hear the following from women:
“Why can’t my partner just give me a hug like that? Why can’t he just kiss and stroke me like that? Why does it always have to end in bed?”

My answer?
Say what you want!
If your partner is a different type than you, if tenderness without sex doesn’t mean as much to him as it does to you, then he has no idea at all about your problem.

Tenderness = feeling of security and acceptance

Tenderness even without sexuality is very important within a partnership. The mutual touch gives the other a feeling of love and security.
As human beings we have a great need for touch, for loving embrace, for cuddling. That’s how we feel loved. Of course, different people have different needs, but in general it is vital for the partnership to touch each other tenderly in order to survive.
Most people have no touches outside the partnership. From the age of teenager you often don’t like it anymore when parents or grannies caress or hug you. And it’s not common among friends either. I.e. the partnership is not only unique with regard to sexuality, but also with regard to the tender touch.

Tenderness is healthy

And this tenderness and touch is not only a must-have for the partnership, it is even medically absolutely healing:

It releases a hormone, oxytocin. This is also called the “cuddly hormone” by the way!
Oxytocin lowers blood pressure, the heart rate decreases, the stress hormone cortisol decreases and the immune system is strengthened!

So in every way touches are important.

Talk about your wishes

The question that arises at this point is: Does your partner know what you want? Do you know your partner’s wishes? Talk about how you feel your tenderness. If you want more cuddles, you should tell your partner.

On the subject of sex read on in part 2