The theme „Needs“ means that we need something or someone to be happy and satisfied.

Funnily enough, this is completely different from person to person. You certainly know people who don’t seem to need anything and are still totally satisfied, and there are others who can’t have enough.
But this blog is not about what material needs we have. Nor does it matter whether you’re satisfied with less or more.
And I’m not gonna talk about you needing food and sleep.

The 5 basic needs of people to feel loved

It’s about the 5 basic needs of people that you need to feel loved.
This means that each person has a special way in which he feels really loved.

Maybe you’ve been like this before: Your partner asks you if you really love him, even though you – in your opinion – leave no doubt about it at all.
Or you are always unsure whether your partner’s love is really sustainable, and when you ask your partner about it, you always get the same answer: “Of course I love you, how do you come up with that?


Gary Chapmann: The 5 Languages of Love

Basically all people have the need to be loved in 5 different ways. Gary Chapmann describes this in his book “The 5 Languages of Love”. By the way, the book is very worth reading!
All 5 love languages are important for everyone, but one is your very personal “mother tongue”, the language that is particularly important to you.

These love languages are
• Words of affirmation
• Physical touch
• Acts of service
• Quality time
• Receiving gifts

I’ll explain them in detail, and you can already think about which love language is your very own.


Love language and love tank

Every person needs all 5 love languages, but one love language is his very own love language.
If now in particular the most important love language in your life is missing, then your very personal love tank runs empty and you feel unloved and rejected.

So how do you find out your personal love language?
You may feel what appeals to you the most when you read it. Usually it is exactly what you like to do for your partner.
For example, if you often bring gifts to your partner, then gifts are probably your personal language of love.
Maybe your partner, on the other hand:
“That’s great, you spent money again. It would be more important to me that you take time for me, then I would feel more loved.”
Then his love language is obviously not gifts, but quality time.
Or you always want to cuddle up with your partner, but he says:
“You don’t really love me, you just want sex!”
Then he has a completely different love language than you. Yours is obviously “physical touch“. You still have to find out his.

In order to convey to your partner that you love him properly, you must know his love language. And he must know your love language.
Talk about it, watch this video together and find out your two love languages! It will revolutionize your relationship! I promise!

Read further in part 2, there you will learn how to understand the 5 languages of love in detail.

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