Women often feel abandoned by their husbands or partners.

Women want to be loved just as they are. They want to be seen for the things they do and the things that make them who they are. They want to be admired, for what they are inside and what they are outside.

And maybe they want a partnership that is exciting and passionate. But what they definitely want is a partner who loves them and gives them security. They want a man who is also fully involved and does something for the relationship!


Still, there are a few essential things for the woman to know about the man:

The man wants to be seen, respected, praised. In a certain way he wants to be the hero for his partner. If she doesn’t trust him, doesn’t praise him for his actions, doesn’t respect him, then the man will snap. In many relationships, at some point the woman begins to criticize her partner only: “You don’t listen to me, you don’t have time for me, you work too much, you don’t understand me!”

And then the statement: my husband does nothing for the relationship.

But this is in stark contrast to what your partner wants: respect, love, praise.

Your partner would like to understand you, he would like to make you happy. Therefore, you should help him with this.


Tell him what is going on inside you.

Tell him when you feel that he is not listening to you.

Tell him when you don’t feel understood. Tell him that it is important to you to know about his day.

Tell him that you have the thought, “My husband is not doing anything for the relationship” and what his opinion is on the subject!


But say it lovingly. Not reproachfully. He wants it yes, but can’t do it better without your help.

And help him feel good and respected about himself. Tell him what he is doing right. Give praise deliberately. Show him what you respect and admire him for. It is not said for nothing: “The woman makes the man”; Not in a feminist way, but in a sensitive and loving way.

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