It happens again and again that we people disappoint us.

The only question is how we’ll handle it if that happens. How do we react to injuries?

For my part, I always fight an inner fight. Actually, I know that Jesus wants me to forgive people, release them and look forward. But in reality I fight just the same with injury, disappointment, anger, grief.


In the story around Abraham, however, we can see what happens when we deal with it too “humanly”. (Genesis 12-19)

Abraham had several people with him when he left Haran and went to the Promised Land by the command of God. Among them were his nephew Lot and his wife. They were both pretty smart. They knew that God wanted to bless Abraham. And to also get a piece of this blessing, Lot and his wife went with him. That went well for a while, too. But with time there was so much blessing on Abraham and his nephew that the pastures around the camp became scarce. So Lot moved towards Sodom and Gomorrah. He left Abraham because he thought he could do it just as well on his own.

When God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, a rescue plan was set up for Lot and his family. Sometimes I wonder if Lot really was one of the “righteous” in Sodom. Or was he only saved because he was Abraham’s nephew? In any case, there was one rule for rescue: don’t look back! Nothing else. Sounds really simple, doesn’t it? Don’t look back. As a child I always wondered what was so difficult about this rule to adhere to. How stupid must one be to turn around in spite of the warning that one would become a pillar of salt?

As an adult, I know I’m often just as stupid!

Lot and his wife wanted the blessing that God had promised Abraham. But they weren’t willing to obey.

Blessing yes, obedience no.


How often do we feel exactly like this?

When we are disappointed by people, we tend to follow the example of Lot’s wife. We know it’s unhealthy to always look back. We know that our heart freezes into a pillar of salt when we wallow in pain. We know the consequences of not forgiving. And yet: It is obviously much easier for us to look back than forward. But this is exactly what Jesus wants from us:

Look ahead.

Forget the people who hurt you. Remember the good times.

How many couples divorce after many years of marriage and one has the impression that this was a cruel marriage. It wasn’t. It’s just been stupid last few years. But we’ll put it all in one ton. And it makes us bitter.

Stop looking at the bad things. Remember the good ones! Let go of your past and turn to the front.

Yesterday I had a long talk with Jesus about this topic. Because right now, I’m like this. I look back and see only the bad things of the last months. But before that it is teeming with great experiences, fun, successes, blessings. The question is:

Do I want to freeze to a pillar of salt too?

Or do I want the blessing that’s ready for me?

I want the blessings. I’ve decided to look to the future. I will wait for the blessings of God instead of focus on the failures of the past. And God will again bring new wonderful things and people into my life. For he is God. Once we choose obedience, we no longer stand in the way: The blessings can flow!