The all outstanding quality of a human being is: resilience!

Resilient is the person who has the mental-emotional resistance not to let stress, crises and strokes of fate bend his character, but to make the best of the misfortune, to learn from it and to outgrow himself through the so-called experience of regret. Resilience is a kind of immune system of the soul.

Much more important than the question of how to better plan my time is the question: “How do I regenerate faster?”


The 7 Pillars of Resilience

  • self-confidence
  • sociability
  • emotional stability
  • optimism
  • realism
  • action control
  • Analysis strength


If you were to give yourself a school grade for each of these points, what would your average look like?


You can develop resilience:

How’s that work?

•        Accept that everything around you is changing, accept it and don’t fight it!
•        Crises are “opportunities,” really. The nice thing about crises is that it come to an end and then we have grown through the crises!
•        Trust that you can achieve your goals. In you is all the potential that you need!
•        Get out of the victim role and make decisions on your own responsibility. The decision to choose freely is the greatest birth gift of life!
•        Don’t lose sight of your goal photo, your mission. The crucifixion comes before the resurrection.
•        Pay attention to yourself, that you remain faithful to your plans, even if the people around are against you.


Easter is the teaser of our lives. We experience Jesus as the master of resilience!


What can we learn from him?

The Last Supper

•        You think everyone at the table is your friend.
•        This is never gonna break up.
•        You ask the people who have become important to you to stay by your side, you are not well
•        Some fall asleep, others run away, still others sell you for their own purposes.
•        You feel very alone…
•        Who else is there?

If your mission isn’t clear, you’ll give up! Jesus goes on.

Jesus overcame this disappointment by looking at his goal in life!


Good Friday

•        Delivered and deeply wounded
•        gloating and agitation
•        horrible pain
•        I have to go through this alone.
•        When will the pain peak, will it end?
•        Renunciation of revenge and retaliation
•        “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!”

The lowest point is reached. After the Last Supper, the day of abandonment, now Good Friday, the day of pain and sores.
The sacrifice justifies the yield.
Questions we often ask ourselves: Is the sacrifice worth it for this cause?
If we often answer this question with “no”, we lack the connection to our mission. Then at the latest we will resign and give up.


Easter – Resurrection

•        The sun rises
•        The grave is empty
•        The pain has passed
•        Everything fills with power and energy
•        The new life has begun

It was all worth it. The abandonment and pain. The new life is worth living. So much richer, more colorful and more alive. You have the feeling that the real life is just beginning.

Jesus had the greatest mission in the history of the world to fulfill.
He’s suffered more than a man can suffer.
Jesus carried more than any creature before him.
He has overcome death and given new life to all those who believe in him.

Jesus is the master of resilience. A role model for us, what life is. Joy, abandonment, pain, but then the resurrection.

The power of resurrection is the most powerful resilience of all. You don’t have to go through the abandonment and pain of your “Last Supper” and “Good Friday” alone. Jesus weeps with you, mourns with you and celebrates your resurrection with you!



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