My beloved,

you don’t think you’re good enough, do you? Not good enough for your tasks, not good enough as a woman, not good enough as a mother, not good enough as a person at all.

I know your gruelling thoughts. They’re not mine!

Yes, there is a conscience. If you have made a mistake, I will speak to you in your conscience. But it’s always about one mistake. Feeling you’re a loser, not good enough, has nothing to do with a mistake.

It may sometimes be caused by an error. But the way you feel now, that’s never from me!

How you can see the difference? If you’re doing something wrong and I want that corrected, there’s a plan of action. You can apologize, express your love, make something clear.

If I correct you for a mistake, there’s always a solution.


But you’re judging yourself. You think the mistake is already in you. You think you can’t do a job because you’re too bad. Because your character’s too bad. Because your personality and your qualities are too bad.

Do you really think I would have equipped you that way? Faulty? Inadequate?

I am the creator of the whole universe, I have always been and always will be. There is no limit to my power.

And you are my beloved daughter, heir to the throne, and bride. Who would not offer his daughter and heir to the throne the best opportunities a human being can give?

Except I’m not human.

I am God.

First of all, I have ALL options.

And secondly, my love is incomparably greater than human love ever could be.

You’re not flawed. Not inadequate. Not inadequate.


You’re perfect!


I love your character, your personality, your abilities, your ideas, your dreams. I love the way you move, the way you look, the way you speak. I admire your eyes, your thoughts and your heart. And I know everything that’s in it!

You’re my bride. I chose you. Things may not be good in your eyes. But you only have a very limited view. In my eyes, you’re wonderful!

And if you are wonderful for me, for me, the Almighty God, then you should be completely indifferent if you are not good enough for imperfect people.

I see the whole picture! And my love is perfect. I won’t love you more in 20 years if you think you’ve become wiser.

I’ve chosen you, my bride.

I love you, forever and ever!

Your Jesus