Online donations grow exponentially

If your church doesn’t yet give you the opportunity to easily donate online, you should change that quickly. Here it is not meant that one writes bank data on the web page.

In 2018, 49% of all community donations were made online, via EC or credit card.
There are some traditional churches that don’t have a bell bag anymore, but this:

The card is drawn over the sensor and you can choose how much money you want to transfer.

That is perhaps a little exaggerated, here possibilities, which are easily realizable.

Bank, EC or credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin & Co, SMS Donation

QR code: Display a QR code that Visitors can use to get to the respective donation pages.
Bank: Donating is the oldest method, but not easy if you don’t have a laptop and tan generator with you.
Credit Card: This payment method is known from all online shops and should be known by everyone. Could look like this:
PayPal: Almost everyone now has a PayPal account and it is very easy to donate. Money can be transferred with a password.
Bitcoin & Co: Still the least will use this method, but the announcement that you can pay with Bitcoin is mega.

SMS donation: It is also possible to donate via SMS, visitors only have to send an SMS with the name of the community and the amount of the donation.

These methods are very easy to use in any website. Anyone who knows a bit about WordPress or programming will be able to put a PayPal button on your website in a few minutes.
These possibilities can help your church financially enormously, because very few young people still have a lot of small change. Many people find it easier to donate online than to put 20 Euro into the donation basket.