1. Amazon has everything

Whatever you’re looking for, you go to Amazon and you’ll find it. In the next generation program, children and youth should find everything they need: fun, community, Jesus, comfort, help, support, freedom, healing, encouragement, etc. The kids and youth do not only need teaching, they need a holistic message, a complete life.

2. Amazon is fast

If you order today, you will probably find your order in front of the door tomorrow. In the children and youth program, everything is a matter of timing. We should be quick in getting the message in new a cool style so that it reaches the next generation. If we sing the songs from the children’s and youth worship services in our time and arrange the program in the way it addressed us 30 years ago, then we will miss the chance. Our time is fast, we should give our best to keep the program interesting.

3. Amazon does everything for its customers

If you complain to Amazon, you will receive feedback within a short time. The people of Amazon live the old service law: the customer is king. They’ll try anything to make you happy. Hey, we’re about our kids, our future, our loved ones. Jesus did everything on the cross for us, we should also give everything so that our children and young people experience this liberating message. Or – like Rick Warren said – it is not about us!

4. Amazon is innovative

As a complete digital company, Amazon always tries to keep up with the times. Why do we expect this with amazon, but with children’s and youth ministry we consider it unnecessary? We should play the coolest music, have the most beautiful decorations, the most original games, the latest film clips, the best outdoor activities, the most interesting camp, the most cosy chill-out corner….

5. Everybody uses it!

Hey, everybody uses Amazon. And every child and every teenager should be equally enthusiastic about your program for the young Generation!

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