Also, they can choose the appropriate time and date for the delivery. These features may be integrated into the app of the other domain or be the MVP (minimal viable product) ones for the calendar software solution. Instead of typing in any calendar events, adding a speech recognition feature can be quicker and easier. Inform the calendar users of calendar events or updates with push notifications.

build a calendar app

I’m considering building this piece of my app with the Google Calendar APIs. The APIs are everything I could dream of for interacting between calendars owned by different Google accounts. However, the same flexibility isn’t as apparent between calendars owned by the same Google account. After selecting year and month, we need to change date view.

Improve your productivity automatically. Use Zapier to get your apps working together.

Map the day to a function that returns short day wrapped in  tag. No software can become popular without a proper marketing campaign. You need to invest in targeted advertisements, social media promotion, and many other ways to advertise your app. The more software is connected to your calendar, the better it is. For instance, when you book a flight on Google, you get notifications about the flight on all your devices.

Apps like SpotHero help drivers book parking spots minutes before parking or months before their trips. SpotHero Calendar Sync allows iOS users to sync with iCalendar and choose the particular calendar to import into SpotHero. This makes a user’s events accessible in the app, enabling the user to click on an event and reserve a parking spot for a specific time. Event discovery apps like Eventbrite have in-app calendars that users can sync with their Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars. These in-app calendars remind users of events they have tickets to via push notifications. Users can also be notified when speakers are on stage during a conference or when a band is performing during a whole-day concert.

You can integrate the following libraries in the web solution

It generates a sequence of 42 days from the 1st day of the month then shifts them so the first date is always a Sunday (just like a Calendar). Write this code in the Items property of the gallery. As for calendar libraries for the web-based apps, there are many options to choose from. If you prefer an easy-to-use and customizable solution without support, consider free options such as and Tui calendar.

build a calendar app

Google Calendar API allows the users to view, create, and edit events on the calendar. The most common function of calendars in healthcare apps is scheduling doctor appointments. Healthfully, a medical platform we built that helps doctors monitor their patients’ health conditions, goes further.

Changing the Month

To make your own calendar app user-friendly, you need to consider UI/UX design services. A qualified designer can create an intuitive interface with simple and straightforward navigation. Among the latest design trends are bright colors and simple forms. For example, you can choose a minimalistic but vivid design.

build a calendar app

You will see the name of a current month in the calendar. Some a little detail, such as highlighting the current day, can make things convenient. We need to store moment object to as the first day of the month. The state will be modified using an external function.


This area covers many things starting with the food delivery and up to huge cargo. You can add features with scheduled requests, maps, past & future shipments. Most importantly, remember that the software must be useful. The defaultValue prop enables you to set a default selected value.

build a calendar app

Your calendar keeps your entire work and home life organized, so it’s a pretty personal choice. All these calendar apps have free versions—or at least free trials of their best features—so give a few of them a whirl and see which suits you best. This is all confusing, but there’s a great calendar app at the core of it—one build a calendar app you already have access to if you’re a Microsoft Office user. And you can connect Outlook to Zapier for more power. That way, you can do things like send calendar appointments to other apps, including other calendars or your to-do list. Google Calendar is both powerful and flexible, all without being hard to use.

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This scheduling system allows online scheduling for recurring appointments. This popular scheduler streamlines the task of scheduling meetings and appointments, managing the booking process for events, etc. It caters to individuals, small businesses, and enterprises.

  • Apple offers multiple tools to develop or integrate a calendar app.
  • Users can schedule their rides and would receive a reminder when the driver arrives at the spot.
  • Also, the calendar is used for tracking physical activities to fetch the right statistics at a specific time and planning training sessions.
  • To make it comfortable and useful, educational platforms integrate calendars.
  • For example, Uber Freight has a lot of cool features based on the in-app calendar.
  • Apps like SpotHero help drivers book parking spots minutes before parking or months before their trips.

I want to be able to use only 1 Google account to hold all of the app’s calendars. Within this account, I want to create 1 calendar per user of my site. I’d like for my users to be able to create personal events and to also be able to share them with each other. That should result in a control that can dynamically display any month. We will create the dates of the calendar using the SEQUENCE function.

Create a Scheduling App

It tracks your physical activities and provides you with statistics on time. You need to log in to the beginning and ending dates in the app calendar. Then, the app will analyze your period cycle and suggest your opinions. Most of the online travel platforms are equipped with their in-built calendar app.