For instance, if you want an IDE that provides all the essential features at zero cost, you can go for NetBeans, EclipsePDT, or Aptana Studio. Similarly, if you want an IDE with advanced features and regular updates, and are willing to pay for it, then PHPStorm and Zend Studio can be the best pick. The PHP IDEs mentioned above are the best ones out there, and they are capable of making your experience of developing PHP-based web applications better.

Why use PHP IDEs

I’m not a web developer, but took on revamping a website for a non-profit who had their web developer leave due to job relocation. From a productivity point of view, the auto-indent and variable/keyword php web development auto-completion features is a great speed booster. Rapid PHP editor combines speed of a simple code editor and power of a full-size IDE allowing you to work much faster.

The best PHP IDE and editor – summary

Geany provides a symbol list that helps you to know where the symbol is defined. Codelite helps you to find files effortlessly using a tree view. You can find, preview, and replace text typed in a file or across the entire project.

Why use PHP IDEs

PHPStorm, Zend Studio, and NuSphere PhpED are a few of the best PHP code editor software. ● This editor provides auto-completion based on words or phrases it has already seen in the rest of the part of the file that it is now working on. Make modifications to CSS and HTML, and you will instantaneously see those alterations on screen.

CodeLobster IDE

The primary purpose of Brackets is to edit live HTML, CSS and JS functionality. If you don’t have windows operating system then skip this IDE and the idea to use it. It is also one of the best IDE for PHP development that PHP developers love to use to develop PHP websites. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten the front end developer, you can also work using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML using this IDE.

Codelobster combines speed of a simple code editor and power of a full-size IDE allowing you to work much faster and easer. Some IDEs and editors offer plugins or extensions that introduce Vim-mode, allowing you to use Vim keys/commands in the editor or IDE. If you do go for it, you’ll just have to configure the shortcuts since both tools are keyboard-centric and may cause some conflicts with the key combinations. If you’re using VS Code, there’s also a Vim emulator you can use. I use the lite version of the software, and it keeps project files together, has code complete, code hightlighting, the works.

Top PHP IDEs for Web Developers

• This commercial code editor allows for the customization of GUI. • Visual Studio Code enables auto-completing, code validation, syntax highlighting, and navigation. When it comes to text editor and IDEs, the views of developers are diverse.

Why use PHP IDEs

Notepad++ is an oldie but goldie source code editor for Windows operating systems. It was created as a replacement for Notepad, the default text editor that comes pre-installed with Windows operating systems. Notepad++ adds multiple features to the very basic Notepad editor, therefore it quickly became popular among developers working on Windows machines. It features code folding, limited autocompletion, and syntax highlighting for programming, scripting, and markup languages.

Top Code Editors and IDE for PHP Development

Choosing a suitable IDE can be difficult when working with PHP. In the above blog post, we have explored some of the best PHP development IDEs and provided a few recommendations. But you can always use best PHP IDEs such as PHPStorm, Dreamweaver, Rapid PHP editor, Eclipse PDT, Codelobster, etc. We at Technostacks, have experienced team of PHP developers, who are able to full fill your requirements and we are committed to deliver the best PHP development services to our valuable clients.

  • PHP is one of the backend languages known as the scripting language.
  • Code Lobster is also an excellent PHP IDE. It supports other languages too, but the software is clearly PHP oriented.
  • All of Visual Studio Code—from its appearance to its key bindings to its connectors and its functionality—can be modified to suit your needs.
  • Because it has the custom UI toolkit, it gives users with the ability to climb across words, symbols or lines using one of the particular key shortcuts.
  • It assists you with trading a piece of code without any problem.

Sublime Text 3 is the third major release of the notable Sublime Text source code editor. The new version added pane management and symbol indexing to the already popular editor and improved speed issues such as slow startup time. Sublime Text 3 is fully customizable with the help of plugins — many ready-made ones are available via the editor’s package manager, but you can create your own custom one too.


To configure Atom as a PHP editor, you can add PHP-specific packages for debugging, refactoring, annotations, linting, and other development-related tasks. That said, the line between PHP editors and IDEs is blurring these days. PHP editors have begun to incorporate features that could be found only in IDEs before, such as built-in debuggers and terminals, highly customizable views and panels, and others. To write high-quality PHP code, you’ll need a high-quality PHP editor that best fits your programming needs, preferences, and workflow. There are many options available in the market, and while they might look the same at first glance, each PHP editor has its unique features and optimal use cases. Its PHP Debugger allows the developer to validate their code locally.

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Rust Reviewed: The Current Trends and Pitfalls of the Ecosystem.

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Komodo supports Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems. It enables you to commence CGI Environment Simulation and build holodeck web server. Fast installation is one of the advantages of CGI Environment Simulation. You must be wondering what’s the best free PHP source code editor?

PHP Frameworks Comparison: Laravel vs Yii

The advantages of this solution are regular updates and a relatively simple interface, making it a good choice for beginners. The disadvantages include the long start-up time and high resource consumption in the case of larger projects. Although syntax highlighting is the number one feature of every PHP editor, it’s not the only one. The best PHP editors come with multiple additional functionalities that help you write and edit PHP code, make sense of the structure of your file and project, and make fewer errors. For instance, line breaks, indentation, auto-complete, different views and editing modes, code completion, search and compare functionalities, and smart code hints are such features.